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A History of Farmer Helping Farmer and Neighbor Helping Neighbor

When people work together great results are achieved, Elmdale Farmers Mutual is one of those great results.

Elmdale Farmers Mutual Insurance Incorporated first originated in 1898 as the Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Elm Dale, Minnesota (what is now known as Elmdale, MN). The company was formed on December 28, 1898 when a group of 27 farmers met at the town hall in Elm Dale. These individuals banded together for the stability of each other, the stability of their neighbors, and the overall stability of their local communities and villages.

As an insurance mutual, the company was owned entirely by its policyholders — which still remains true today. What this means is that we do not respond to investors looking for a dividend. Rather, we price our insurance to maintain a stable rate and provide the customer with the best possible premium value.

Notable Company Milestones


The first loss occurred on May 12, 1899 when fire damaged a barn to the amount of $20.00. $15.00 of that loss was allocated for repairs of the barn, $1.00 covered the loss of the hay in the barn, and $4.00 compensated the farmer for the loss of a harness


An important milestone in our company’s first 100 years came between 1948 and 1949 when Little Falls Farmers Mutual merged with Elmdale Farmers Mutual. About 1,000 policyholders and $3.8 million of insurance in-force were brought in.


Elmdale Farmers Mutual reached one billion dollars of insurance in force.


Elmdale Farmers Mutual constructed and moved into a new office building across the street from the previous office location.


The Mutual has enjoyed continued steady growth with approximately 3,000 policies in force. Our main goal continues to be offering the highest level of service to our policyholders and our twenty-two agencies spread across central Minnesota.

Office of Elmdale Farmers Mutual Insurance Incorporated in Upsala, Minnesota